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Are you experiencing computer issues? Are you considering an IT project or upgrade? If you are a business with at least 5 or more PCs, let us give you 1 FREE HOUR of computer support to solve a problem - or give a second opinion.

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How We Work

With our computer and network support services, we make technology a powerful tool to boost your profits and increase your company’s productivity and efficiency . .


Got us up and running quickly on A Better Outlook after internal Exchange server died

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Imagine if every evening when you drove home and parked your car in the garage, someone came in and did everything needed to make your car run smoothly and to peak efficiency, before you drove it back to work the next morning. They checked the tire pressure and all the fluids; changed the oil if needed; checked the alignment; fixed anything in need of repair; topped off your gas; and even cleaned the car inside and out! But sometimes, unfortunately, other “things” happened to it, like potholes and fender benders, and you wanted someone to care for these too.

We do NOT do this for your car…

But, we do apply the same concept to your servers, networks, desktops, laptops, and telecom! We monitor your environment and make certain your virus protection is up-to-date and no viruses are lurking there. We apply Microsoft and other vendor patches to ensure the latest fixes and security patches have been applied. We monitor your entire environment with proactive maintenance to minimize the risk of a severe outage. As sometimes hardware does fail – we have solutions to minimize downtime while the hardware is being repaired or replaced.

We help you determine the appropriate mix of on-premise and offsite (cloud-based) IT solutions that will meet your business needs, enabling you to save money, reduce risk, and make your company more efficient.